Drives Me Insane

I've noticed a weird advertising trend. Instead of just creating a web site, companies are directing people to a myspace.com page. Folks, it's the same thing. A web page is a web page and hosting it at myspace.com doesn't change that fact. (This was prompted by a TV ad I just saw for a movie called "John Tucker Must Die." You can learn about it (as the ad told me) at www.myspace.com/JohnTucker. In the old world, www.johntucker.com or www.johntucker-themovie.com was good enough.) Ok, I've found one thing I'm passionate about.


Anonymous said...

Barry will now be networking for possible clients and his next bride(s) all in one website!
It'll be great, he can now skip Frilly's dinner specials.

What a fabulous idea!

myspace.com said...

Do think it might have something to do with the owner's of myspace.com!!!!!Yes it does.

clue patrol said...

It probably has to do with the fact that registering a domain name costs money, while My Space does not. My Space is Geocities circa 1999, where everybody had a shitty web page with browser-choking animations. It was retarded then, it is retarded now.

greta said...

Ha Ha Barry

I am glad you are passionate about something