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"All you want to do is Talk, Talk"

The Dallas Morning News' "Life" section this weekend dedicated itself to the art of conversation. Here are the tips if you are at a wedding: Do Say: - "How do you know the bride and groom?" - "Wasn't that a lovely ceremony?" - "Have you tried the shrimp?" Don't Say: - "Were you at the bride's last wedding? That one was so much better." I don't know about you, but the "Do's" would suck the life force out of me. The "Don't" would make me turn to the person and say, "How you dooooin?"


comment4U said...

You're such an Idiot. ;)

Mary Mack said...

Well, I guess Wedding Crashers was politically correct. At the Cleary wedding, the old man sits down next to Owen Wilson and asks, "How do you know the groom?"

That movie never gets old. Of course Vince & Owen are great, but I LOVE Christopher Walken. I've also developed a "girl crush" on Rachel McAdams.

"You motorboatin son of a b*tch."

mzchief said...

Why is it that the "Don'ts" are ALWAYS so much more fun than the "Dos"?

Anonymous said...

What's odd is when your ex-husband is invited to your wedding and then shows up with his fiance!

Yes, that happened to me and we all get along so much better now for the kids!

Anonymous said...

Barry, I laughed out loud!!! You are sooooo funny!