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Woody Hayes Career Ender

I was Jonesin' for some college football when I came across the punch that ended coach Woody Hayes' career at Ohio State. There is not play by play to this clip but I saw it on ESPN Classic a couple of years ago. Commentator Keith Jackson never, not once, acknowledged to the audience that Hayes had struck the player (which comes at the 12th second).


m&m said...

Hey Barry, What happened to your 5:40 entry? I tried to comment on it but no go. What's up with this withdrawal?

and your point is? said...

I do not know who Woody Hayes is, so I could not see the "first" punch. So, video was no good for me. Sorry, Barry.

Condoleesa said...

My big sister was at Ohio State when that happened. I remember it clearly.

Anonymous said...

Boy, you talk about being caught up in the spirit of the game... wow!

BTW, thanks Barry. Now I'm Jonesin for some college football, too. Crisp, cool air on a sunny Saturday afternoon...mmmmmmm