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United 93 (Encore)

I've had about five days to think about the movie. New conclusion: I may put it in my Top 10 of all time. There's just something so different about it. WBAP's Mark Davis put it quite well in his column in the Morning News: There is no . . . Hollywood star to be found in the cockpit or in any passenger seat. There is no hokey back story taking us to the night before as some passenger feeds his dog or jogs in Central Park. The brilliance of United 93 is that we as viewers don't know any more about these passengers than if we had been on the plane with them . . . . We are in the cabin when four hijackers – portrayed not as the cartoonish villains Hollywood usually fashions, but as nervous yet committed warriors for terror – storm the cockpit, killing the pilot and co-pilot. Go see it.