The Campaign For DA


Lunch Time Thoughts

- I wonder why the CIA director, Porter Goss, just announced his resignation. - I wonder why the lady in front of me at Quizno's got so frustrated with her purse that she had to exclaim "fiddlesticks!!!" - I wonder why I giggled at the term "fiddlesticks" - Didn't a lot of high school girls softball teams play a game in the playoffs last night? I wonder why I haven't heard the scores. - House Rep. Patrick Kennedy may or may not have been drunk two nights ago in Washington, but I'm amazed we can all look at the police report in less than 48 hours. - I hate the sound of Harley's (but here's a funny Harley v. Honda page). - Time Waste: Drive a car on the autobahn. Change lanes by using the forward/backward arrow keys on your keyboard. Hiliarity ensues.