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Maybe I'm Still Asleep

Did I just see a clip on the news of David Hasselhoff crying when the American Idol winner was announced?


Anonymous said...

Is David the Anti-Christ?

Something is going on here because he can't act or sing! Not a fan of Baywatch or Taylor Hicks. Does this say something about the fans?

The best part of the show last night was when the Brokenote Cowboys performed. It was great to see how much fun they had. American Idol needs to have more of the kids who tried out for it on the show and leave Prince at home!

Anonymous said...

I like American Idol, don't knock it, it is a great avenue for these young people to get started.

Carrie Underwood, last years American Idol, just won Country Music's Female Vocalist of the Year!

There are some good singers that would probably not get recognized without this show.

by the way, if you don't like, then why watch it, Anon: 7:40 AM!!

Anonymous said...

yes you did!!

Anonymous said...

Man look at those alien blue eyes, he is weird>>> but wait Dirk likes to sing his songs when he is nervous "HMMM HMMM HMMMM something about freedom" I wonder if Dirk gets nervous during sex and then sings David's song then he would be thinking of David ...that's kind of gay (not that there is anything wrong with that, I guess) Wait did someone say the Brokeback mountain cowboys performed last night on American weird I would not think most of America would be ready for that...two guys ridin each other on national T.V. hmmmm hmmmm hmmmm sweet freedom

Anonymous said...

10:48 Brokenote....NOTE not Back...performed on American Idol...singing Mama's don't let your boys grow up to be Brokeback cowboys!!!!

Very good performance...enjoyed it more than Prince.