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Random Thought

As I watch 60 Minutes tonight - which is great because it has a ton of clips from past interviews by the retiring Mike Wallace - I wonder why the show can easily get away with dropping the "GD Bomb" without ever catching any flak?


Anonymous said...

That's because society is used to seeing and hearing The Lord's name taken in vain. Just goes along with how the devil controls the world.

BTW, when you see it spelled out, it's (excuse me, by the way)
goddammit, as opposed to using it as three words, God damn it...

The same reason that any aggravation towards religions such as Hinduism, Islam, etc. are all reviled by society, while anything that attacks Christianity is looked upon with apathy, and sometimes even lauded.

Reagan RIP said...

Uh, can you say "Liberal Eliteism"?