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Heck, I Need Lessons

The crazy student-teacher couple that is Mary Kay LeTourneau and Vili Fualaau were on the Today show this morning. They are celebrating their first anniversary. Sheesh. They seem happier than most couples I know.


Anonymous said...


Where are all the people that claim that people like this come from broken homes or some other crap like that. Although people will try and say "OMG FROM CALIFORNIA!!!11"

And damn, she looks better than ever. I can see why he did it.

John G. Schmitz, a U.S. Congressman from Orange County, California and a professor at Santa Ana College. He was generally considered one of the more conservative members of the House, and ran for the Presidency in 1972 on the ultra-conservative American Independent Party ticket. Her mother Mary was a homemaker and anti-feminist activist. Mary Kay is one of seven children born to John and Mary, and has two half-siblings that were the result of a longtime affair between her father and his mistress. One of her brothers served as White House counsel in the George H. W. Bush administration. Another, Joseph E. Schmitz, was appointed Inspector General of the Department of Defense by George W. Bush.

Anonymous said...

WOW anon 8:35 can read from the story.

m&m said...

Still seems weird.

Mary Mack said...

Obviously she has issues, but that doesn't mean they can't be happy. Mentally they are probably on the same level.

Anonymous said...

They are still together after years of dealing with the criminal justice system, the media, and people in general.
Hopefully, they can now live happily ever after.
It is not OUR place to judge them.

Anonymous said...

What she did was W-R-O-N-G ...

Do you notice that she was raised ULTRA-CONSERVATIVE.

This could be a good point that if you are raised like this... There is no room to explore your more liberal views or actions ... thus when you become an adult you "Come Out" with the morals of the emotionally retarded.