Bible Thoughts

As I blew past what appears to be a very bad (and not well publicized) mini-series of The Ten Commandments on Channel 8, I recalled a very odd biblical passage about Moses. For some reason, before Moses met with Pharaoh to start the 10 Plagues, God decided to kill Moses while Moses was in a camp. (Yep, kill him.) But Moses' wife cut off the foreskin of their son (don't ask me why) and rubbed the blood on the legs of either Moses or the boy (stay with me here) saying the blood will protect him (say what?). It did. God changed his mind and spared Moses' life. The passage is in Exodus 4:24-26. You can see a multitude of versions of that passage of the Bible here. (Just select a version from the "drop down" list and click "Update"). Don't know why I thought about it.