Cutting Off Baby Arm Trial Update

The defense team did something brilliant today, they called as a witness the pastor of Dena Schlosser, the lady who admittedly cut of the arms of her baby. (She's on trial for capital murder in Collin County). The pastor of the Water of Life Church , Doyle Davidson, is a nutcase who proclaimed that "mental illness is caused by demons". And he pointed out that Schlosser attended the church up to five times a week. Genius: Call the witness as a regular guy and let the jury figure out how this important figure in Schlosser's life is crazy. It bolsters the insanity defense. (And there is nothing tricky or deceiving about this, it's the actual facts). But I loved the Fox 4 News report tonight when the reporter ask the pastor if he had ever seen a demon. "Yes," he said. "It was about four to five feet tall. Four or so inches in diameter. Just standing on his tail and wiggling like this [as he motioned]. Talking to me. Threatening me." I think the demon said, "Put down the whiskey bottle."