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Random Lunch Thought

With the State Fair of Texas opening, a thought occurs to me: Is the fair a beating to go to? Has time passed it by? Do we really need hundreds of people walking along with turkey legs? Is a Fletcher's corny dog any better than a high school football game corny dog? Should Big Tex be replaced with Cowboy Troy?


Anonymous said...

It is a good family thing to do. There are not enough family things and it would be a shame to end it. We have gone the last two years and it has been crowed both times we went. Where I grew up in Missouri they had a big county fair that was fun to go to.

Condoleesa said...

I want to go but can't afford to. I think the kids like it. I probably would too.

bigcatdaddy said...

I'm going just for the car show. I might enjoy a few cold alcoholic beverages while I'm there as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Yes. Yes. Absolutely. Yes. NO.

Anonymous said...

If you go--- Better take a lot of
money-- everything there costs a
a bundle-- Would love to ride the
ferris wheel-- but how many tickets
it cost to do so-- food-
the whole place is about spending
money on food-- no freebies

Anonymous said...

I like the Cowboy Troy idea-maybe we can have both..Remember the Troy poster with cowboy hat and long duster..that would make a great Cowboy Troy.

Anonymous said...

Barry, you just have deep fry phobia. Take a low fat sub sandwich and get them to deep fry it for you just like those twinkies, etc.