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Funniest Lines From "The Daily Show"

  • Hurricane Rita proved the point that sequels always disappoint. Rita was the Ghostbusters 2 of hurricanes.
  • After viewing multiple clips of the President saying "What I will do is observe the relationship between state and federal government because I need to understand how it works", Jon Stewart (the host) said "And this is coming from the man who used to be the governor of Texas."
  • Followed by Stewart saying "I'm thinking about looking into that three branches of government thing."
  • After viewing Fox News' Shephard Smith fall down during the winds of the hurricane, Stewart said "He may be fair, but I don't believed he is very balanced."


Condoleesa said...

You gotta love Jon Stewart. He is funny but he is also often right. Not always but often.

bigcatdaddy said...

I absolutely love it when Jon Stewart clowns fox news. In fact, I love it when anyone clowns fox news.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe the Bush quote - he's tryin' ta learn the relationship between da states and federal givermint. Geeze, what did he do for 6 years in Austin? Who wrote that thought for him to say?

Anonymous said...

I love it when anyone clowns bigcatdaddy

trappedinchico said...

One of the few times I wish I still had cable. One of the best shows on TV.

Anonymous said...

As intelligent as Jon Stewart is and he always has a good perspective on the world, I say "Jon Stewart for President"

Anonymous said...

Jon Stewart is so funny! But he has a lot to work with these days. Glad he won 2 Emmys...tune in to him EVERY night at 7:00.

George doesn't need to bother into checking in to how the federal and state work together! They would change the rules to whatever political advantage they want for the day!

George rules!