Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • What a weird reaction to the President's immigration policy last night. The Far Right was all whipped into a frenzy beforehand, but when it came to challenging the merits after the speech, there was a whole How-Do-I-Denounce-This-Without-Coming-Off-As-A-Redneck-Racist vibe.
  • But there sure were a lot of radio/TV guys who became instant Constitutional experts last night. 
  • And what the President is proposing isn't radical. It's a prioritization of who gets to stay and who gets to go. It's analogous to what the Texas Parole Board does every day. (And if Gov. Perry told them, "Hey, for low level drug offenders, change your policy to give them 30 days to 1 good time if they qualify for good time so they'll be the first to make parole" -- there's nothing anyone could do about it.")
  • Sheriff Joe immediately announced he'll file a lawsuit to challenge the new policy. So did Greg Abbott. Man, that . . . uh . .. what's the phrase? Oh, yeah, "Speaks volumes." 
  • Was the Emancipation Proclamation an Executive Order? 
  • Facebook page of the Alvord kid injured in the wreck last night. Page of his female passenger.
  • There was quite the stir in Galveston yesterday when a guy was found not guilty of "keeping his son in the box." I'm not sure of the details, but it was interesting to note that the first trial ended in a mistrial when the judge wrote about the case on social media.   
  • Somehow Mrs. LL and the Junior in the House were able to see the new Hunger Games movie last night. 
  • When watching the silly action scenes in Man of Steel two days ago, I turned to The Junior and said, "Wouldn't it be cool if that gal from the Hunger Games showed up right now with her bow and arrows?"  From her confused expression, I need to work on my standup routine. 
  • BagOfNothing emailed me a couple of weeks ago telling me about the Serial podcast.  (It's from the folks behind This American Life and, basically, examines a criminal conviction and its validity.)  It's getting a heck of a lot of buzz and The Ticket spent a whole segment on it yesterday.  I can't believe I've ignored it. 
  • Country singer Ty Herndon announced he was gay yesterday? Didn't we kind of have a hint when he was arrested in the 1990s for exposing himself to a male cop in an Fort Worth park?