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Index 1968

Posted mainly because of the "Sipes On Sports" column.  Hot opinions that were coming out of nowhere.


Goober said...

Barry, you have to understand those "hot opinions coming out of no where" where common during the '68 campaign. This is the first presidential election where the Voting Acts Rights of '65 applied. No more poll taxes, almost anyone could register to vote (even if you couldn't read or write), etc. And like it or not, at this time MANY agreed with Wallace position on race equality/relations/rights, even in Bridgeport, Texas. Wallace took over 13% of the popular vote and carried the old "Solid South". Now if you want to have some fun, compare Wallace's campaign platform to today's TEA PARTY platform and see what kind of correlations you draw. TEA Party'ers on this blog are going to howl, but in many ways, we see history repeating itself.

Anonymous said...

9:24 You obviously have not read the tea party platform.

Just another liberal hack throwing Sh*! against the wall to see how much sticks. Problem is, your house is beginning to smell a lot like SH*!.

Goober's Friend Andy. said...

Hey 12:06

GOP OPS. Rule #1

When you can't defend the message, attack the messenger.

Anonymous said...

Shut up about politics -- did the Bullies beat Springtown in that season opener or not?
I don't know what I'll do if I don't get an answer.

Anonymous said...

2:05 Where are you from? Mars?

That is more of the liberal party mantra than anything. To deny that is just ignorant.