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Dallas Police Blotter 1881



Anonymous said...

I wonder what the differences are between "intoxicated", "drunk", "inebriated" and "drunk and down" are...?

Anonymous said...

I think drunk and stupid was $7.50 and drunk and naked was $8.00 back then. I don't agree with getting off scott free for using bad words ......... should have had their mouth washed out with soap or something!

Anonymous said...

So I guess instead of charging someone with solicitation they called it "Pacing about the streets with a prostitute?"

Also, were Swedish people such a problem back then that they had to specifically mention that the one guy was a Swede?

Anonymous said...

No Negroes arrested?
No drug charges?

Nothing but foul mouthed drunks (and the dude who was pimpin' his ho') and damned Swedish immigrants.

...Good times, indeed.

Goober said...

"Drunk" must have been from alcohol while "intoxicated" was from laudanum or some other drug. And as for Contempt of Court, Judge Fostel will do the same thing if you cuss him!

Anonymous said...

I think being a little tipsy was a $2.00 fine back then and being commode hugging drunk was punishment enough - no fine needed. No personal experience you understand
DF Foster Brooks

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for Reunion