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Denton County Assistant Prosecutor Disciplined For Withholding Evidence


This is an example of why the law was changed to require prosecutors to have an open file policy.  It's a felony case but it was not disclosed that the victim didn't actually see the defendant? You kidding me?

I'm almost more stunned that the State Bar of Texas is actually getting off its collective butts and sanctioning a Texas prosecutor.  Complete disclosure of evidence prevents travesties of justice from occurring. And Texas has a history of travesties.


Anonymous said...

"I see nothing!"

DF John Banner

Anonymous said...

What sanction? A probationary period where he better not commit any more violations, or they'll be really serious about it next time?

Anonymous said...

He probably earned a promotion

Disgusting behavior

Anonymous said...

The majority of the Denton County DA's office are prosecutorial slugs.