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1954: Decatur Guys Rob Krum Bank

  • That's pretty good work by the Sheriff.
  • Note they called in a state grand jury to indict him even though the Feds were already in the process of prosecuting him. 
  • Loved, absolutely loved, what he said he did with the loot. 


Anonymous said...

Pure gold. How has this country slipped so far when it comes to writing and reporting the news? Nobody in all of New York in the last 10 years has written as fine an account of news as was written in rural Texas on that day in history.

Anonymous said...

What a hoot, as to what he did with the loot! (Hey, that rhymes!) :-)

Anonymous said...

His $20 of wild living in Mexico actually cost $105 total.

DF Mexican CPA

Anonymous said...

Twenty dollars in Mexico at that time would have got one five wild times or so I heard :-) This man was later found dead in his car near the county line as I remember. No one was ever prosecuted . Check it out. I'm getting old so not sure. Had a nice mother too by the way.