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Firing It Up For The Weekend!


Anonymous said...

Being an American, I would have to look up and see how much 4 meters of rain is!

On a side note, with his coughing he must be coming down with either the flu or Ebola!

Anonymous said...

Rage,could you imagine get N you wang chunged from that snaggle toofed inbred?

Anonymous said...

Several observations...
He's autistic.
He enjoys making these videos and feels they are important.
He knows how to film and upload videos.
He has a hobby.
He knows how to research weather forecasts.
He understands the possible catastrophic events for a thunderstorm.
It's cool that he's latched onto something that could possibly help someone.
It'd also be cool to see his obsession without the use of electronics or the internet.
I still can't stand the Canadian/northern accent.

"I'll fix you some eggs".

Glad I'm a teacher in Texas.

Anonymous said...

Yep .... Water Head fo sho.

Anonymous said...

If you ever worked in the oilfield you would understand the meaning of "a spent bit"

That's one.