Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's an ad running on the Cumulus radio stations telling me to call if I have "at least $40,000 to invest" in oil because the commodity has "tripled over the last ten years" and "oil prices are rising and are here to stay." With oil at $74 a barrel this morning, they might want to do some fact checking. And investors need to keep away from an investment firm that only gives a phone number and not their name. 
  • Another scam Cumulus ad that is running urges me to invest in the stock market and, to persuade me, used a customer proclaiming, "I make $8,000 a month in the stock market!" That's probably a lie. But, if true, unless I know how much you have invested in the stock market, that tells me nothing.   
  • Man, the Fox News crowd is all riled up over the President's pending announcement tonight about immigration. Because of it, they've called him "Emperor" and "Boss" and, for the millionth time, a person who is "shredding the Constitution."  All that, and they don't even know what he is going to say. 
  • Justified or not, the dog-pile of Bill Cosby is on.
  • If there was an alternative channel for every sporting event that only showed up close crowd shots, I'd watch it. At least a split screen. 
  • The Sixth Grader In The House asked me if I used get the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school when I was a kid. You know, I couldn't remember but I don't think we did. 
  • The bicycle accident of U2's Bono in Central Park sounds brutal. How is there not a cellphone pic of the aftermath? You have Bono on the ground in Central Park on a Sunday and no one takes a photo? 
  • There's a Letter to the Editor in the Messenger this week asking why so many Wise County government offices completely shut down for lunch. 
  • Mrs. LL last night walking back into the house with a flashlight after her mother just left: "Mom backed into my car." Me: "What!!! Any damage?!!" Mrs. LL: "I don't think so."  I was too scared to go look. Still haven't.
  • The new Tarrant County DA has named three lawyers for her "Senior Leadership Team" for the criminal division. They are all good guys and competent. But they are also all male, white, and around 60 years of age. 
  • The Junior In The House was watching Man of Steel last night. It has a who's who cast of actors, but I couldn't get past the explosions and special effects which appeared to be 90% of the hour of the movie that I saw. (Man, they had to have money whipped Russell Crowe to be a part of that.) 
  • Grace Fellowship Church took out an ad this week in the Messenger to promote "Dave Ramsey Presents Andre Gutierrez' Total Money Makeover". He'll be speaking at both the early and late Sunday services.  I don't understand this. 
  • The snow in Buffalo had me actually tracking down the Weather Channel yesterday.