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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There's an ad running on the Cumulus radio stations telling me to call if I have "at least $40,000 to invest" in oil because the commodity has "tripled over the last ten years" and "oil prices are rising and are here to stay." With oil at $74 a barrel this morning, they might want to do some fact checking. And investors need to keep away from an investment firm that only gives a phone number and not their name. 
  • Another scam Cumulus ad that is running urges me to invest in the stock market and, to persuade me, used a customer proclaiming, "I make $8,000 a month in the stock market!" That's probably a lie. But, if true, unless I know how much you have invested in the stock market, that tells me nothing.   
  • Man, the Fox News crowd is all riled up over the President's pending announcement tonight about immigration. Because of it, they've called him "Emperor" and "Boss" and, for the millionth time, a person who is "shredding the Constitution."  All that, and they don't even know what he is going to say. 
  • Justified or not, the dog-pile of Bill Cosby is on.
  • If there was an alternative channel for every sporting event that only showed up close crowd shots, I'd watch it. At least a split screen. 
  • The Sixth Grader In The House asked me if I used get the whole week of Thanksgiving off from school when I was a kid. You know, I couldn't remember but I don't think we did. 
  • The bicycle accident of U2's Bono in Central Park sounds brutal. How is there not a cellphone pic of the aftermath? You have Bono on the ground in Central Park on a Sunday and no one takes a photo? 
  • There's a Letter to the Editor in the Messenger this week asking why so many Wise County government offices completely shut down for lunch. 
  • Mrs. LL last night walking back into the house with a flashlight after her mother just left: "Mom backed into my car." Me: "What!!! Any damage?!!" Mrs. LL: "I don't think so."  I was too scared to go look. Still haven't.
  • The new Tarrant County DA has named three lawyers for her "Senior Leadership Team" for the criminal division. They are all good guys and competent. But they are also all male, white, and around 60 years of age. 
  • The Junior In The House was watching Man of Steel last night. It has a who's who cast of actors, but I couldn't get past the explosions and special effects which appeared to be 90% of the hour of the movie that I saw. (Man, they had to have money whipped Russell Crowe to be a part of that.) 
  • Grace Fellowship Church took out an ad this week in the Messenger to promote "Dave Ramsey Presents Andre Gutierrez' Total Money Makeover". He'll be speaking at both the early and late Sunday services.  I don't understand this. 
  • The snow in Buffalo had me actually tracking down the Weather Channel yesterday. 


Anonymous said...

So Obammy is going to Gruber us all again tonight? What could go wrong?

Anonymous said...

Be careful about those executive orders, liberals.

You never know when a Republican might live in the White House again!

Anonymous said...

What else do you want to call it what Obama is doing? He knows that there is no way that what he wants would pass through the Senate and the House and Public Opinion is against what he wants to do. Therefore, instead of just doing what the public wants to do he is going ahead and doing it by Executive Order.

This does nothing but encourage more and more people to try to sneak across the border in hopes that the government will do this again. Also, the Dems are using this as an attempt to gain more voters and try to turn previously Red States into Blue States.

Anonymous said...

Man, the Fox News crowd is all riled up over the President's pending announcement tonight about immigration. Because of it, they've called him "Emperor" and "Boss" and, for the millionth time, a person who is "shredding the Constitution." All that, and they don't even know what he is going to say.

What else do you call the guy who pulls crap like this?
It is only good for 1 thing and that is Democrat votes.

Even YOU should admit it is wrong.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the Tarrant County DA's Senior Leadership Team being all white, male, and over 60--maybe they'll just do their job and not take kickbacks, consort with prostitutes, engage in stupid/embarassing behavior, say outrageous remarks, etc., etc. Let's hope.

Anonymous said...

Are "Fellowship" churches a new religion? So you can go to their services to learn how to make/manage your wealth. I don't understand that religion at all.

Anonymous said...

I went to school in Decatur (class of 1983). We only got out Thursday and Friday Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

I'm mad because I'm stranded on a highway in 6 feet of snow? At who? At what? Mad at the weather forecasters and the news and the highway electronic signs and word of mouth and tweets and CB radio traffic and every single other person or medium that you heard countless times and YET still decided that "eh...I can make it."'re mad because now, someone ELSE isn't risking their butts, or can't even if they are willing due to conditions, to save your dumb one. Umpteen feet of snow does not fall in an instant. You've got a vehicle that can go 100 miles an hour. So it takes what...30 seconds or a minute to see heavy snow falling and find the nearest exit to see what it's going to do?

Anonymous said...

Impeach the dictator.

Katy Anders said...

I have thrown out all of my Jello.

I mean, who KNOWS what that guy put into the Jello?

Anonymous said...

Nice angle on the RTG!

Anonymous said...

These are bad times to be a white guy on a bicycle.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Grace Fellowship is a prime example of the secularization of today's churches.

Triple Fake... said...

I got a flyer in the mail the other day for GFC's "Total Money Makeover". That makes sense - who knows more about making money than one of those prosperity "churches"? Is that place just a social club that cites the Jesus book occasionally to maintain their tax-exempt status?
If a financial advisor started giving you advice about religion, I'm sure most folks would be outta there, and quick.
And why does the guy need to be "presented" by some other guy? Are there people thinking "I wasn't sure about this so-called expert, but if Dave Ramsey presents him he must be legit."

You seem surprised that a movie about an alien being with superpowers is loaded with special effects. I think they tried the non-FX approach, but the search for somebody with bullet deflecting on his resume - who could also hold his own opposite Russell Crowe - proved unsuccessful

Anonymous said...

I went to elementary and middle school in the 80's. We got out of school at noon on Wednesday (the day before Thanksgiving).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Interesting that when Gov Good Hair makes those executive decisions its ok but when the President of the United States exercises his option everyone screams impeachment.

Anonymous said...

Presidential Executive Orders issued, post WWII:

Eisenhower - 484 (60/yr)
JFK - 214 (75/yr)
LBJ - 325 (62/yr)
Nixon - 346 (62/yr)
Ford - 169 (69/yr)
Carter - 320 (80/yr)
Reagan - 381 (47/yr)
Bush 41 - 166 (41/yr)
Clinton - 364 (46/yr)
Bush 43 - 291 (36/yr)
Obama - 193 (34/yr)

Legislating from the Oval Office? Seems like they all do it.

Anonymous said...

We've all been lied to so many times by Obammy, why are we supposed to believe anything he says tonight?

Mr. Mike Honcho said...

Re: Closed for Lunch - That is a great complaint in that letter. Considering most people need to take care of that kind of business on their lunch hour, public offices SHOULD stagger their lunch breaks. BONUS PTS - Someone needs to tell the same thing to the Genius that manages Lowes in Decatur. People run into the place on their lunch break to pick up stuff. Pick a different time to send every cashier on break.

Re: school holiday for T-Giving - Out after lunch on Wednesday before Turkey Day. Every year I can remember in School. 70s and 80s.

Re: Dave Ramsey, Popular Churches, and God - I am sure that God doesn't mind his message at Sunday Morning Worship being replaced with a financial seminar.

Wurdkyle said...

I didn't know this until today, but Bill Cosby is apparantly a hero of the rightwing conservotards.

He made a public statement about how low-income blacks are embarrassing or something like that; here's the link:

So now, if you look at the comments section of any article about Mr Cosby and his rape-y ways, half of the comments are from conservo-douches that are once again claiming that this is a liberal media witch hunt. That all of these articles are being written because of his conservative sounding comments in the video I linked to.

Here's what you right-dingers fail to understand. Everything doesn't revolve around politics when you lean to the left. You don't look at things as a left or right issue, you just go with your gut. So when dozens of women say that Bill Cosby raped them, we think, wow, with that many claims there might be some truth to this!

Not one person in the media thought "ooh..., he made some conservative sounding remarks two years ago... let's get him!"

That's how you righties think. Not us. I worked in a so called "liberal" newsroom for three years and guess what? We never discussed politics. Never. We just covered the story. It's always YOU lunatics who think that it has a liberal spin. The fact of the matter is, you guys mess up a lot, and the news covers it. Period.

You are all neanderthals who are scared of the way the world is heading because you don't understand it. It's sad. No wait. It's funny.

Anonymous said...


That list has to be bogus, it just HAS to be. We all know Republican Presidents would NEVER circumvent the legislative process via executive order.

Take it back!!!

Double Fake WK

Anonymous said...

9:59, and what were all those executive orders for? I doubt that that encroached on the responsibilities of the legislative branch.

Anonymous said...

Please quit with the "Bush and Reagan did this too" junk. The difference there is that when they did executive orders on immigration it was to fix small issues of former bills passed through the House and Senate. For example, one of Reagan's was to delay deportation of children until their parent's hearing could be held.

This is a full immigration overhaul that has not been passed through either the Senate or House.

Anonymous said...


wordkyle said...

1033 got it right. If Obama follows through with what he's been threatening, it actually will be an abuse of power. No one much complained about most of his executive orders before this one.

Anonymous said...

9:59 - Facts are wasted on this crowd. A guy who has passed fewer EO and Departed more illegals than any other president is crowned dictator. The facts don't fit their Faux News mantra.....and I'm not sure what is wrong with what Grubber said, Americans are idiots. Turn on Faux news and repeat what they say, ding ding ding ding, idiots!

Sam Brows said...

On the Cosby dogpile,I heard an interesting opinion yesterday that speculated many men aren't overly outraged by the allegations because, to a certain extent, their entire gameplan for getting lucky is to buy a woman enough drinks to get her to the point where, while she doesn't say "yes", she really isn't in a position to say "no", either and that morally, there isn't a big gulf of difference between that and what The Coz is alleged to have done. Not necessarily true, but worthy of some consideration.

Wise County Government Offices are shut down at lunch because harry Reid wants to teach Wise county Republicans a lesson. Come on, anyone can see that.

Obama being hailed as an Emperor as a result of his alleged decision to enter an EO on Immigration despite the fact that Conservatives don't yet know precisely what he is going to say still rings true because regardless of what he does say, history tells you he isn't going to acknowledge that he's heard any criticism and offer up any constitutional basis that legitimizes what he's doing. He routinely treats Congress as if it is beneath him and that's what Emperors and Dictators do with puppet "Elected Officials", whether they be called cabinets, parliaments or ministries. Acting alone is seldom a sign of leadership, but is often a sign of being aloof.

Anonymous said...

As usual, wordkyle only mentions part of the issue by claiming that Reagan only "deferred deportation" of parents of legal citizens, but Reagan also granted amnesty to 200,000 Nicaraguans.

Stop lying, Wordkyle.

wordkyle said...

Well. That's news to me. Y'all keep me posted on what I supposedly said, okay?

Anonymous said...

worthy of some consideration.

No it's not. Not even a little.


Anonymous said...

RE: The newspaper pic

One of the more frustrating things about this guy's situation is he'll clear his driveway, then the city plows will come by and fill it right back up again.

Anonymous said...

12:00 - Are the Mexicans going to be murdered by Sandinista's if the return to Mexico?

Context matters to some of us.

Anonymous said...

12:00 -

You aren't as smart as you think you are. I am the author of 10:34 and I am not WordKyle, at least the last time that I checked.

Anonymous said...

"Context matters to some of us."

So executive action that violates the law is OK, as long as there's some context?

OK, well, the American economy would crumble and prices and inflation would skyrocket if we didn't have a cheap labor force to do the low-paying jobs that American unions have priced themselves out of.

So, in that context, an amnesty of millions of Mexicans is more important than what's going to happen to 200,000 Nicaraguans, because it's going to happen to our country, not to theirs.

Anonymous said...

Work in Springtown schools--while I'd prefer to have a whole week for Thanksgiving break, we do have to attend M and T of next week because someone had a head out of an a$$ and figured out a way to get us out of school BEFORE JUNE 1st!!! Thank you!!!! It's only a few school days until Christmas break, so having a whole week for Thanksgiving isn't that big of a deal.

Anonymous said...


Let me get this can figure out the oil and stock market scams, but you cannot form a clue about Obamacare, Gruber,NSA, IRS, etc, etc, etc.?????

I am beginning to think YOU may not be an honest broker.

Why exactly are you joined at the hip with Obama? I would really like to know. Most of the attorneys I know have completely given up on the Pres.

Anonymous said...

1:29 - your thought is unclear and morally confused.

Anonymous said...

Obama's (and the Democratic Party) plan is incredibly easy to see.
(1) The Democrats realize that a Republican will most likely be the next president, which isn't unusual following a 2 term president of the opposite party.
(2) Obama grants amnesty to millions of illegals.
(3) Republicans fight the executive orders in court. This can take years.
(4) Republican is voted in as the next president, due to the masses wanting "something" different then what they've had the past 8 years.
(5) By the time the courts decide the fate of the now-former-president's executive orders, these illegals have been in the country for several years and established themselves, one way or another, having babies, full family, etc.
(6) Republicans won't want the bad publicity of trying to kick families out of the country for what an old president did years they get to stay.
(7) Now these now-legals get to vote.
(8) The now-legals remember that it was the Democratic party that allowed them to come to America and become citizens.
(9) Yeah, vote Democrat

Stay Classy

Anonymous said...

2:59 - Don't think that Barry has good intentions. He just wants to watch it burn.

whisky O said...

Whether Obama is breaking the law or just ignoring it is up for discussion, but his timing is brilliant. The upcoming riots in Missouri will have him out of the news cycle by Thanksgiving.

Anonymous said...

Anyone realize that Obama's announcement comes during sweeps week, and none of the major channels are covering his briefing?

The ONLY station that is covetring it him 20 minutes before some popular awards show.

You just cannot make this shit up.

Anonymous said...

Hey 10:34 do you have inside information that you are not sharing with the rest of us? How do you know what is going to happen? You must be listening to King Rush because we all know that when he speaks people listen!

Anonymous said...

1:29 said--------

"OK, well, the American economy would crumble and prices and inflation would skyrocket if we didn't have a cheap labor force to do the low-paying jobs that American unions have priced themselves out of. "

I don't think the Mexicans are as cheap as you think. But given that they are doing jobs Americans don't want to do, they are pretty high in demand. The white people (funny enough, about 5 million of them) would in fact would do those jobs if welfare wasn't such an attractive option for them. So what kind of idiots pay 5 million lazy people to do nothing then illegally import 5 million to work? And doesn't it seem obvious that you'll just get more lazy Americans, then more wets, until your country is gone?

It was nice while it lasted America.


unit 5020 out

Anonymous said...

The next President of the United States:

Anonymous said...

9:29 - it's just a nightclub without the booze.