Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • On Friday and Saturday, all the local news stations led with the stories about the impending weather and showed us . . . wait for it . . . sand trucks on standby. 
  • There was an article in Dallas Morning News warning about the difference between metroplex quick health care places you'll see on the corner and quick emergency rooms that look like pretty much the same thing. The difference in the amount of the cost you'll be hit with is staggering. (And, I'll admit, I have fallen victim to the corner ER place.) 
  • Disconnect: I think Anchor Man 2 is stupid. Mrs. LL thinks Ali G/Borat is stupid. Edit for commenter: I did get the "deeper meaning" of Anchor Man 2-- it wasn't that deep. In fact, when all the news stations started their broadcasts last night with the insignificant snow story, I told Mrs. LL, "This is kind of like Anchor Man 2. There was someone yelling 'Let's go with the snow! Let's go with the snow' during a pre-production meeting." I just didn't think AM2 was funny.
  • Family Pup 2 didn't move it all on Friday and was taken to the vet. No real diagnosis, but she made the most remarkable recovery since the dog in There's Something About Mary. (Funny moment: Mrs. LL took the dog to the vet in a travel dog crate and then walked in back later with the crate empty. I jumped up because I thought they put the dog down. But it was walking behind her.) 
  • The Aaron Rogers commercial with Hans and Franz is weird. It starts with Rogers looking at them and asking, "Hans and Franz?"  And then seconds later when they tell him they are going to "pump you up", he responds with "What?"  So we are supposed to believe he knows some 1980s characters but doesn't know a signature phrase that was beaten into our brains? 
  • I was still sick all weekend (but a little better today.) Nothing is taken more for granted than health -- at least until you feel unhealthy. 
  • Of everything on TV, Mrs. LL and I stumbled upon and got locked into a 1998 movie called Slums of Beverly Hills.  A very funny dark comedy. (And if you're an Arrested Development fan, you'll get to see Lucille Bluth playing, in essence, what would become Lucille Bluth.)
  • The Dallas Morning News did a silly piece entitled "Perry Promoted Aide With Three Alcohol Offenses on Record." I was more taken back by this: "Perry made him budget director in December 2001 and appointed him to the State Pension Review Board in 2009. The board of the cancer fund, known as CPRIT, appointed [him] to his current position."  Man, that sounds like a lot of tax dollars being wasted on lots of boards. And a lot of cronyism. 
  • Stolen From The Update: "QUANAH EXHIBIT – The Paradise Historical Society and Paradise ISD are hosting the Quanah Parker Exhibit: One Man, Two Worlds, 7-8:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Paradise High School library. Rarely seen photographs of Quanah, artifacts and other Native American exhibits will be on display."  Hey, after reading the great book, Empire of the Summer Moon, I'm interested. (And that book references a Comanche kidnapping near Chico which is the subject of this historical marker.)
  • Sports: (1) How does Florida State survive time and time again? But that game against Miami felt like the good ol' days.  (2) The TCU/Baylor fight continues. I'm beginning to believe that both may end up on the outside looking in. (3) Feel bad for RG3. Something weird is going on. (4) The Decatur Volleyball team has been great for the last few years. But, from what I can tell, when a team wins a best of 5 match in 3 straight sets, a high school volleyball game takes less than an hour. 
  • Random discovered sentence: "The Bulls boast a veteran, talented group of receivers highlighted by seniors Raby Hawkins and Jake Simmons and junior Keenan Holdman – godson of Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban."