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Anonymous said...

Hah!!!!! And you naysayers are so gullible you think these teens have no clue what they're doing.


Anonymous said...

He can kiss his pension goodbye. Wifey gets it I suppose.

Teachin' pays pretty good when you figure in the pension.

Anonymous said...

she doesn't look even remotely brainwashed in that picture. he doesn't look like a creepy old dude one bit either. perfectly normal stuff here folks, no signs of daddy issues, nope

someday real soon she'll mature and realize she's been robbed of her liberty, family and friendships. her youth and its need to mature naturally was cut way too short, her chance to meet someone she can grow old with proportionally ruined, his breath reeks real bad and he has hair in abnormal places, she's a homewrecker who has dishonored her family's love, trust and counsel. until then "i'm so happy now that we're together all the time" is all that matters

this is the kind of creep that puts real fathers in jail for murder

Anonymous said...

She's hot. Good for him.

Anonymous said...

Never will understand a lefty.

It's OK to pork and marry the same sex.

It's OK to feel entitled and make living off welfare programs a career.

It's OK to expect everything for free.

It's OK to enable free-loaders instead of teaching them how to support themselves.

It's OK to hate anyone who has a better life than you.

But, teen's knowingly having relationships with adults is a no no.

Triple Fake... said...

If there was something illegal going on before he quit and she dropped out, it'll be discovered and dealt with.

The May/December romance factor shouldn't be an issue for folks that don't know these people. Saying that she'll regret her decision later is just ignorant.
My own dear old dad is married to a woman younger than I am. They met while she was in college and they have been together for over thirty years. In every other respect, they are the perfect match for each other. She's got the edge on him when it comes to knowledge of pop culture, and that's about it.

"...someone she can grow old with proportionally..."
The difference in their ages will remain constant, as they will age at the same rate. Sounds perfectly proportional. Or did you mean "proportionally ruined"? That doesn't make any sense either

Anonymous said...

It'll last.

Anonymous said...

These two shouldn't be dating. Their last names should prompt them to obtain law degrees and open a firm specializing in prostitution defense: Hooker Powers.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like the people repulsed by this are Right-wingers. Who the hell cares anyway? This isn't political.

Anonymous said...

It's those darn text messages again. Downfall of civilization. Not the sex. The text messages.

My Other Brother Darryl

Anonymous said...

to clarify, there's nothing wrong with age differences in relationships, as long as there are 2 or more adults involved. this girl is just a kid who's innocence has been robbed by a manipulative freak. she doesn't even know what her type is yet or what she wants to do in life and who knows what trash this creep is pumping her head with. its dangerous to make this sort of decision without truly knowing you have common interests and understandings that will survive the long haul. otherwise, you've just stirred the pot for naught. this is win/lose, the dude winning here.

if you're going to creep downward, do it with a 21+ year old chick, at least they've had a chance to learn some things about themselves and potential mates by then. i've dabbled both sides of the age spectrum, as an adult, with adults. alot older woman is fun for awhile but i didn't like the long term prospects, sexually. alot younger woman has the sexual staying power, but the maturity gap can be a real problem. both swings produce the funny stares in public. to each his own I say, but I'm calling this particular case "messed up". buy a 3rd world chick if you want to play in the extreme space, at least they have it bad enough in their country to try and make it work with you (the old dude), and, their dads will love you for it, rather than the other way around. i know many that have done exactly this and its worked out very well long term

Anonymous said...

The sky is falling!

Anonymous said...

Always amazed at Crackers..

Anonymous said...

When I was 18, my dad was 41. Gross!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

damn I should have been a teacher with those fringe benefits. All you old bitter women are just jealous of younger better looking SKINNIER girls that can get a man so be quiet and get back to the kitchen.