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That TCU Bust Just Got More Insane

The Police have released a report detailing the total amount of drugs "seized" during the arrest and search warrant executions during the Great TCU Drug Bust Of 2012.

The final total  found in the arrest and search of 23 people and some of their homes: 2.7 pounds of marijuana, 37 grams of prescription pills (Xanax, Hydrocodone, Soma, Ambien); 1.10 grams of cocaine and methamphetamines; and 5.3 grams of MDMA, also known generally as Ecstasy (in pill form) and molly (in crystal or powder form).

That's it.  There's more dope on the premises of a Dallas club on a slow night.

But I was even more shocked by one thing. The police decided to seize, in hopes of being forfeited to it for its own use, the vehicles of those arrested.  This includes 15 private vehicles worth $253,890!!!! At least that settled one thing for me: I finally found something that sounds like a serious crime that was committed during the investigation. And that was by law enforcement.