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What's Going On? Oh.




Anonymous said...

Your tax dollar hard at work teaching skulls full of mush how to evacuate buses.

Anonymous said...

Killer mustard gas!

DF Joe Dirte

Anonymous said...

Isn't this the second time this has happened due to some science thing gone wrong? Who is the science teacher?

Anonymous said...

New science teacher this year. He is a favorite with the kids which tells me something is up.

From what I have pieced together. Kids had a fire drill followed by a buss evacuation drill. Once back in the building about 5 minutes the fire alarm is once again sounded. Kids go outside and then moved to MPB.

Bettween the bus evacuation drill and the 5 minutes of the school being evacuated, students have time to mix chemicals together to create and explosion??? During an enrichment/tutoring time? If this is what Project Base Learning and a "Flipped" classroom is going to get my student then I have to say "No thanks DISD." Students clothing were burned from the chemicals and photos of the damaged classroom showing up on kids Facebook pages are a cause for concern.

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