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Speaking Of Police Restraint

With police shootings in the news, I thought I'd be fair and balanced and show some police restraint by college cops. Note to kid: I wouldn't try this out in the real world.  Your face would end up on the pavement as the officer prepares to write, "Suspect approached in confrontational manner and officer felt threatened." (Language warning.)


Anonymous said...

Shoo dawg. Punk kid thing he gonna mess up my lunch brake so eyes can take him punk butts to jails? shew. get outs here kid.

Anonymous said...

he should'a whopped that cop's ass for "almost running him over"..

Anonymous said...

That young man needs an introduction to the real world.

DF Walker Texas Ranger

Anonymous said...

This video was from BG's college years.

He hated cops then too.

The Donald said...

The little prick kid will sometime find out that, while he can mouth off to a campus cop, not everyone out there practices that kind of restraint.

He'll get his a$$ kicked, or worse, someday, for his lack of discretion.