The Campaign For DA


Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Dickies would have paid to have Big Tex burned down. Talk about free publicity.
  • Late Friday, Madonna announced she was cancelling her Saturday show at American Airlines Center. I wonder how many people showed up who didn't get the word?
  • Mrs. LL fears the Halloween clown.
  • In Tarrant County, 66.16 percent of general election voters chose the straight party option in 2010, compared with 61.76 percent in 2008, 49.2 percent in 2006. Incredible. 
  • How much does the NFL make? Enough to pay former commissioner Paul Tagliabu $8.58 million last year.
  • Looking at the sample ballot for Wise County, there's really not much to consider. You have to assume the Republicans will win every contested state wide race (which is an easy bet.) I guess the only interesting thing in Wise County is whether to abolish the position of "county surveyor."
  • Six of the ten Big 12 teams scored 50 or more points this weekend. College football is getting weird.
  • Did I hear something about a "Moment of Silence" for Big Tex during the TCU/Tech game? Maybe I imagined that. 
  • Oh, and my blood pressure has been high for quite a while. That wasn't just a one time reading. 
  • About two dozen people got stranded 200 feet in the air on a ride at the State Fair on Friday.  Picture.
  • The Decatur Chamber's "Citizen of the Year" was awarded posthumously over the weekend. Nice touch. 
  • A fan ran onto the field during a play at the Miami/Florida State game on Saturday.
  • Paranormal Activity 4 led the box office with $30 million over the weekend. To steal a quote, "The fact is, if you point a camera at something for 30 seconds, and at the end of that 30 seconds something JUMPS out of the side of the frame, I'm gonna leap out of my seat."