The Campaign For DA


Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The government doesn't create jobs? Really? Take out all the government jobs in Wise County and the number of private sector jobs drops dramatically. Those government workers spend money. 
  • From Time this week: "If Obama can win either Virginia or Ohio, he is virtually assured of four more years."
  • Now I've got to go back to the doctor due to possible high blood sugar. I'm falling apart, I tell ya. Falling apart!
  • Donald Trump plans to announce a bombshell against the President today. Speculation is that it is a draft of divorce papers of the Obamas from 12 years ago that were never filed.  If that it is true, Trump cements himself as the most despicable person in America.
  • The fastest road in America (85 mph) opens in Texas today. I've got to go to San Antonio next month and it'll be like NASCAR (without the beer and cussing.)
  • If Sean Lee is indeed out for the year, you Cowboy fans might want to adopt a different team. They're done. 
  • Saw someone on Facebook from Wise County last night say she was going to "research" that "accusation" that Mitt Romney is a Mormon. 
  • I'm about worn out on this "Gangnam Style".
  • Wise County  might be setting records with early voting. I don't want to discourage anyone from doing so, but you realize there's nothing to really vote on, right? We can all stay how and Romney still gets all of Texas' delegates.
  • "Indiana Republican Senate candidate Richard Mourdock said pregnancies resulting from rape are part of God's plan, tearfully explaining that he only supports abortions when a mother's life is in danger."  Is he right? 
  • Not to be callous, but I was surprised to learn that Jerry Jones' mother was alive. (She passed away yesterday.)
  • "Did you hear about the funeral for Big Tex? It cost 16 coupons to be admitted." (Insert Hal Jay wheeze laugh)