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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • A Hurst attorney claims her office was the target of firebombs. Probably unrelated, but she filed a whistleblower claim against the Texas Attorney General at one time. 
  • I half-heartedly watched the debate last night.  I kind of thought the President's "we also have less horses and bayonets" line was kind of funny but it seems most thought it was "snarky."
  • How could anyone be an "undecided" voter at this point?
  • Bridgeport lawyer Mike Simpson's daughter is involved in a high profile capital murder case in Waco.
  • On Sunday they found the body of the 51 year old boat captain of the vessel which oddly sank in Eagle Mountain lake because of a "large wave." For some reason, we still haven't heard the name. I also didn't see any news stories last week of anxious friends and family members waiting for the recovery. 
  • Slow motion of a ball hitting the bat three times during one swing at last night's NLSC game. 
  • It is amazing Krum has put together an undefeated football team after only recently starting a program. How long ago has it been that they were only a basketball school? 
  • A few years back, some Decatur kids shot some Bridgeport kids (cheerleaders?) with a paintball gun during the Battle of the Big Sandy week.  That was funny back then. Everyone has gone so nuts these days that charges would probably be filed. 
  • I completely missed this last week: Wyoming's head coach accused the Air Force coach of faking a player's injuries and gives him a good cussing out as they left the field -- on Military Appreciation Day no less.  He was suspended for a week and fined $50,000 yesterday. (And I bet he'll feel that fine.)
  • Motorcycle death in Stephenville (and the guy had his teenage daughter on the back who was seriously injured.)
  • There is a trick to get behind the Star-Telegram paywall, but you have to be quick. 
  • If I'm reading this correctly, Decatur becomes a 4A school in 2014.  Don't panic. Every 3A school becomes a 4A school as the UIL voted to create a "6A" division Monday and do some renaming.