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"Ricky, Don't Lose That [Fame]. It's The Only One You've Got."

If you’re under the impression that kickball is just an elementary school pastime, this video may change your mind. See 0:40 for the lead up to the play.

During 8th-inning overtime (official kickball games are 7 innings, or up to 55 minutes), extreme kickball player Ricky Laforge lands an incredible victory for his team, the New York Shower Hammers, by diving into a somersault to home plate. He manages to dodge the ball thrown in from the field, and safely grab the plate to score.

I saw this thing a couple of days ago, and I'm so conflicted by the whole scene. Who knew there was adult kickball leagues? Who knew there was adult coed kickball leagues? Who knew there was an "extreme" coed kickball league where people actually cared about the results? I don't know if it is silly or fun.

But ol' Ricky might want to bring it down a notch. Thinking he must be the second coming of Bo Jackson, he is now selling t-shirts at to commemorate his play. And I'm a little suspicious of his claim that a "portion of the proceeds will be donated to the US Military Endowment."  Define "portion" for me there, flyboy.

Side note: What's the rule in kickball? Obviously, little Ricky would be out if he was hit by the thrown ball while heading for home. But in the earlier portion of the video it looks like the runners on base would only be out if tagged out or forced out. Why not just bean the guy who almost got caught in the rundown between second and third.


Anonymous said...

A team full of the Brotha's playing kick ball. Kick Ball? Those guys must be the real bad asses of the hood. Nobody make fun of them or something. White guys playing? I get it, we are not cool. But the Brotha's, in the immortal words of the Latest Springer Panelist (Oh hell to the NO!!!)

Although I am not surprised they complained about the call getting all up in the ump business.

Anonymous said...

Some people don't want to grow up. They have a surprise awaiting them some day...they won't be able to lift a leg. Better take care of your body cause it will tell you exactly where you abused it later on. Ok, let the jokes begin about a certain apendage...yes even it plays out...coming from a woman of age...thank God and greyhound it's gone! Ha

Anonymous said...

there goes 50 seconds i'll
never get back

Anonymous said...

Little man syndrome run amok.

Anonymous said...

Kickball looks like a combination of soccer and baseball, the sport should be dominated by hispanics.

Triple Fake... said...

Looks like a beat down to play or watch, but if it's what they enjoy doing and it keeps them active...meh

Anonymous said...

There has to be a sport that the short kids to be good at. This is it.


Anonymous said...

heard at the end, " how could you miss that, he is just a white kid, man!" hilarious.