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Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Motorcycle death in Arlington.
  • During the storm early this morning I woke up to find Mrs. LL looking at her phone. Me: "You looking at the radar?" Her: "Yes." Me: "Whats it show?" Her: "A big red blob over us."
  • That new Dallas ISD Superintendant won't last long.
  • The punishment phase of the stand-your-ground killer's trial in Houston has been delayed until June 25th. That's inexcusable. 
  • The cover of Dave Campbell's Texas Football has been released. Note to magazine: The world does not revolve around TCU.
  • Mitt Romney is beginning a five state bus tour. I wonder if that is the first time he's ever been on a bus.
  • I don't know why there's such a hubbub about the opening of a Trader Joe's.
  • More catering to demographics: Fox and Friends has Def Leppard this morning. The Today Show has Justin Bieber. (But the thought of Ann Curry and Bieber side by side is enough to ruin a weekend.)
  • I couldn't complete a sudoku puzzle to save my life. 
  • The Rangers are so out of pitchers that they'll start someone on Saturday who was born in 1988.
  • It's amazing that you used to be able to bring coolers into old Texas Stadium. I bet that's what Jerry Jones thought, too, when he realized that was the policy
  • It's still amazing that the same rule still applies for the Texas Motor Speedway and even more amazing they don't charge for parking.
  • Coco on a bike.
  • After I wear out tennis shoes, I convert them to lawn mowing shoes. That is, until last week when I actually bought a pair of "work shoes." 
  • Random crazy soccer fans video: The banner was bizarre and then they add fireworks(?) to it.
  • I wonder why Miley Cyrus thought it was a good idea to get a tattoo on her rib cage.
  • The Messenger's web site is really screwed up this morning. I was getting a "404 Not Found" error. How are we going to learn about all the fundraisers this weekend?


Rex Kramer said...

smoking no less. Nice

Anonymous said...

The old Greenwood rain gauge is still not recalibrated. They get more rain in that one part of the county, than Vietnam gets.

DF Harold Taft

Anonymous said...

1) smoking makes any hot girl very un-hot...quick.
2) miley is white trash.
3) miley is hot white trash.
4) miley is rich hot white trash.
5) what time did that storm roll in? I realized I dreamed about thunder last night and I was reminded of when I read your piece.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Is that a mother/daughter duo in today's pic?


Anonymous said...

What exactly are "work" shoes...please post a link. I'm ready for a new pair of lawn mowing shoes.

Anonymous said...

The one on the left is already getting ten years, she will be 50 lbs heavier.

Anonymous said...

she's about to bust that string.

Anonymous said...

I'm coo coo for CoCo puffs.

John Holmes' Ghost said...

Oh, and today's pic is better than that tranny from yesterday.

Not that there is anything wrong with it, heck, in my career I had known a few.

That said, the Thursday randy "girl" looked too boyish.

Anonymous said...

The new Dallas supt still thinks he is an Army Ranger. Never back down & attack with vigor.

DF Linus Wright

Anonymous said...

Penny loafers cannot be classified as "work" shoes.

Anonymous said...

Every time I see Coco, I think she looks like Dolly Parton as a rap groupie.

DF LL Cool J

Anonymous said...

Until Obammy hooked up with the Chicago Mafia, he had always ridden a bus.

Anonymous said...

CoCo should move the basket to the inside of the handlebars. May make it easier to carry things.

guinjames said...

Miley has a rib tattoo so you can read it she shows side boobage.

Anonymous said...

Is coco's bike fro, 1957?
Miley Cyrus: smokin' hot!

What is Trader Joe's?

gern blansten

Anonymous said...

Is CoCo a man with a boob job?

Miley Cyrus is and always will be a skank

Anonymous said...

People who smoke have this yellowish coating on their tongues that is gross and makes them have bad breath like those chicks probly have.

Look in somebody's mouth when they laugh and you'll see it.

Anonymous said...

If they aren't work boots,
it's not really work.

Anonymous said...

Miley will be doing porn in about 5 years.

Anonymous said...

TCU gonna rock the Big 12 in 2012!!!

Go Frogs!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wise County Messenger Update
for Friday, June 15, 2012

RAINY START - Early morning showers marked the start of the day in Wise County. Rainfall totals include 2.05 inches in Greenwood; .95 in Decatur; .7 in Runaway Bay; .5 in Chico; and .03 in Rhome.

P&Z NEEDS MEMBERS - Alvord Planning and Zoning Commission is accepting applications to fill vacancies. For information or to obtain an application, call City Hall at (940) 427-5916.

JEWELRY SALE - Wise Regional is hosting a jewelry sale today from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the hospital's main lobby. Fashion jewelry, apparel, scarves, handbags and more will be available. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Wise Regional Health Foundation.

JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION - A Juneteenth celebration is 2 to 10:30 p.m. tomorrow at Louida Willis Park in Decatur. There will be a live DJ, bounce house, bake sale, and hamburgers and hot dogs will be served. For information, call Mike Bell at (940) 627-9082.

BOYD CLEANUP DAY - The city of Boyd's annual Cleanup Day is 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. (or until containers are filled) tomorrow at the city's public works facility at 733 E. Rock Island Ave. Normal household trash will be accepted. Paint, batteries, tires and other "special disposable items" cannot be accepted. This service is available to all city of Boyd residents. A copy of a current city utility bill is required.

HOCKEY CLUB FUNDRAISERS - The Decatur Hockey Club will have two fundraisers Saturday - a rummage sale at Decatur Eye Center beginning at 8 a.m. and car wash at Taco Bell beginning at 10 a.m. To donate items to the rummage sale, call Tammy at (940) 577-9311.

MOVIE AT THE POOL - Bridgeport Parks and Recreation presents Bridgeport Box Office Night at the Bridgeport City Pool Saturday featuring "Happy Feet Two." Admission is $1. Children 2 years and younger get in free. Gates open at 7, and the movie will start at dusk. For information, call (940) 683-3480.

FATHERPALOOZA - A Father's Day celebration featuring a car show that includes classic cars, muscles cars, motorcycles, all terrain vehicles and a New York City fire engine that was used in the aftermath of the 9-11 attacks will be on display 9 a.m. to 12:15 p.m. Sunday at Grace Fellowship in Paradise.

MAD SCIENCE - The Decatur Public Library Summer Reading Club presents Mad Science at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. Tuesday, June 19. The Summer Reading Club is a free program open to children of all ages. Call the library at (940) 393-0290 for information.

VOLUNTEER MEETING - American Red Cross will meet 7 to 9 p.m. Thursday, June 21, at the EMS Building, 1101 W. Rose St., in Decatur. The meeting is open to anyone who volunteers for Red Cross or who is interested in becoming a volunteer.

FUNERALS - Funeral for James H. Simpson, 93, of Boyd is 10:30 a.m. Saturday at Christian-Hawkins Funeral Home in Boyd. Graveside service will follow at 2 p.m. at Collinsville Cemetery in Collinsville.

GRAVESIDE service for Mary Donald, 96, of Bridgeport is 10 a.m. Monday at East Bridgeport Cemetery.

MEMORIAL service for Randy Garrett, 58, of Boyd is 2 p.m. Friday, June 22, at Christian-Hawkins Funeral Home.

Anonymous said...

Funny, TCU is in for a rude awakening this year. Except when they probably play Texas that is!

Anonymous said...

When I look at Miley, all I see is money.

Anonymous said...

The Greenwood and Rhome rain gauges both need to be investigated.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell is "Coco" and why can't I see anymore?

Anonymous said...

What is coco famous for?
Why is she married to someone named ice?

Ricardo Perry said...

Trader Joe's is overrated... and when will we quit getting these California exports (In-n Out anyone)and stick to good ole Texas businesses?

rangerjim60 said...

And Another:

Irene Khan, 32, arrested for sexual relationship with student, 14, Fla. police say

She looks a little scary

Anonymous said...

She tastes like cigarettes.

Double Fake Forrest Gump

Anonymous said...

John Holmes Ghost thinking yesterdays RMT girl was too boyish...He must have forgotten about the gay porn film he did while he was alive.(The Private Pleasures of John C. Holmes)

Anonymous said...