The Campaign For DA




Baylor Too said...

For scale, that trailer is probably 48ft. long. Maybe 53ft.

Anonymous said...

Yea, when pigs fly. Oh wait, they are flying. Never mind.

My Other Brother Darryl
in the root cellar

Anonymous said...

Remember a long time ago when you said this?

I love this forecast just posted by Pete Delkus on Facebook: "Damaging wind (60mph straight line) and large hail (quarter to half dollar size) are the main severe concerns but an isolated tornado CANNOT be ruled out." I'd like to add that a flood for forty days and forty nights CANNOT be ruled out either.

Anonymous said...

We were lucky here in little 'D'.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that there tornado hit the decoy trailer park first. Worked as designed.

Anonymous said...

Hey that's Dorothy on her way to Munchcan.

DF Mayor of Munchcan Land.