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Messenger Cartoon


Anonymous said...

Spot on.

Ratherbesailin' said...

You left out millions of unborn children..and some born.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the right to
free or subsidized health care
in the bill of rights.

The court's job isn't to decide
what would be nice, it's to decide
what is constitutional.

FN Socialists

Anonymous said...

The cartoonist must not have read the health care plan. Uninsured people with preexisting conditions will not be denied health care. Our country, our media, is so very sad.

Anonymous said...

11:51 Please tell that to the ones who are gonna die.

Anonymous said...

Have to be born to be alive.

Anonymous said...

I don't how the courts can make a company buy a dead horse to run a race.Will they draw for the winner or what.It all comes to the same thing;we that have always had insurance will keep on paying for those that don't.

Anonymous said...

This case is not about whether or not it's right or who gets covered, but whether or not it's constitutional.

The government simply does not have the right to tell me that I, as a private citizen, have to purchase a product from a private company.

This case has NOTHING to do with covering individuals with pre-existing conditions. It is the Obama administrations overreach on the Commerce clause.

The Commerce clause gives the Federal government the right to REGULATE interstate commerce. It does not give it the right to CREATE interstate commerce and/or demand participation.

Anonymous said...

The Congress can address pre-existing conditions, portability, and the other issues that we have wide agreement about without the horrible baggage that is included in the Obamacare legislation. We can, and should, reject the crap that they are routinely hiding in legislation that they pass. Again, tell me why this so-called healthcare bill is a good thing except for the 3 states and the over 300 hundred companies to which the Administration has granted an exemption. Why did AARP lobby for this bill, then apply for, and receive, an exemption from it? McDonald's is exempted. Why? How much competitive edge does that give them over Whataburger, Burger King, etc.? Why don't we reject Obamacare, then demand a healthcare bill that addresses healthcare, from which none are exempted?