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More wow


Anonymous said...

Wow. The traffic really died on this blog.
I guess It's the calm after the storm?

Come now. I'm sure your just busy with family prayer and dinner?

Anonymous said...

They just need a few sham wows to clean that up.

Anonymous said...

Don't tell me you've been watching female basketball!

You have been....haven't you?

You're gay.

Anonymous said...

Barry, since you regularly comment on the craziness that occurs on WBAP in the mornings, perhaps you can shed some light on this:

About 100 times this evening (that might not be an exaggeration), whatever knucklehead is hosting the WBAP "After the Storm Special Report" has mentioned that chief meteorologist Brad Barton worked an 18-hour day today.

What I want to know is this: Who the F cares????? Are we supposed to give the guy a medal or something??

I work some crazy hours too, when the need arises. I wouldn't expect anyone else to give a damn. Why would anyone care if some random weather man worked a long day?

There. Got that off my chest. Going to bed now.