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Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • At a softball game last night, I saw a guy who looked like Jerry Sandusky who was spending a lot of time socializing with little kids. I told Mrs. LL about him and asked her if she could pick him out of the crowd. She did. Weird.
  • At that game, I think I witnessed a dad and a step-dad loudly yelling dueling instructions to a little girl who was at the plate. Tense.
  • First it was the over-reaction of the pro-Trayvon Martin crowd and now we've got equally over the top behavior from the pro-Zimmerman people (like this site which just oozes racism.) I almost feel like a race war is about to break about between the two. And as I heard on the radio this morning, "It doesn't seem like anyone cares what the facts really are." 
  • Everyone learned yesterday just how boring Supreme Court oral arguments are as the justices considered the constitutionality of Obamacare.
  • The Baylor women beat Tennessee last night but I was taken aback by the limited roll of Tennessee coach Pat Summitt who I've always been a fan of. Last year she announced she had been diagnosed with dementia, but I didn't know that her assistant coaches pretty much run the show now as Summitt basically just sits in a chair. She doesn't even do the post-game press conferences. Sad.
  • Any story with "Ghost Ship" and "Tsunami" in the headline makes you want to read it. 
  • There's a new documentary coming out on Friday about bullying called, uh, "Bully". The current controversy is that it has a R rating which eliminates, in theory, its targeted audience. I feel like I'm the only one that remembers a very dark movie by the same name which was based on a book (of a real life event) by the Dallas Observer's Jim Shutze. 
  • Oh, in addition to not wanting to hear people scream in radio ads, I don't want to hear your kids either. 
  • There's nothing more depressing than the stories of mothers going crazy and hurting their own kids like yesterday.  I mean, she truly is crazy so what do you do? 
  • It seems like almost every Subway I go into they are training a new "sandwich specialist." 
  • Bill Parcel to take over for the New Orleans Saints for one year? I tell you, Parcell's is sounding exactly like he did before he joined the Cowboys in that he acknowledged the discussion and didn't dismiss it outright. I think it might happen.
  • The Ticket boys always talk about watching Mad Men, Game of Thrones, Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Breaking Bad, etc.  Even I wonder how they have the time.