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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • The Cowboys open the NFL season this Fall on Wednesday night against the NY Giants. The game is normally held on Thursday but will be moved to accommodate the Presidents acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. Obviously, we have a communist conspiracy here.
  • Everyone sure seems confident about which way the Supreme Court will rule based upon the questions asked yesterday. I'll defer to the experts who say the Court normally doesn't take a Devil's Advocate position during oral argument and the questions generally indicate how a judge is feeling. However, everyone still better tap the brakes a bit. 
  • If I'm part of the group that subdued the nutty Jet Blue pilot yesterday, I think my first question aftwerwards would be: "There is someone who can land this plane, right?"
  • The Messenger caught some heat on a cover story a couple of weeks back about "glamorizing" an attempted suicide victim.  Now they say the story has done some good, but I don't know if it is a very good idea to get two folks who have recently contemplated suicide together. 
  • In my dream last night I had to run through Las Vegas which didn't look anything like Vegas and which was under construction on every single block. 
  • In the next dream, some girl was being abducted so I fired a warning shot with an assault rifle -- a rifle where you could see the bullets in the air like a pellet gun. I have no idea. 
  • I wake up multiple times a night. 
  • Fishermen discuss places to eat in Decatur.
  • Part of Mrs. LL's birthday gift were pillows like they have in The Mirage. (I think I just figured out why I had a Vegas dream.)
  • Ticket Fans: Grubes is leaving the Hardline to go to the University of North Texas? I don't understand that. At all. (And I'm pretty sure this is his lawyer dad.)
  • It's no big deal, but I wonder why the Messenger won't print the name of the boy who lost his leg in that horrible lawnmower accident from last week. Some people might want to send some get well wishes. 
  • The lawyer who wrecked the Porsche that killed him and a young couple  in Las Colinas back in January had twice the legal limit of alcohol in his system. Pure speculation: Something weird happened in that car. 
  • Edit: Allen motorcycle death with a 40 foot fall.