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Hot Girl Who Walked Into Propeller Wants Bag Of Money

You may remember her from last Christmas.

I might need some silk-suited Plaintiffs/Insurance lawyer to explain this to me, but I think this is what is happening: Under the insurance policies she is making a claim under, the question is whether or not she was a "passenger" at the time she walked into the propeller. If she is, the most she can get from the insurance companies is $200,000.  If she was not, the limit is $2 million.

They offered her $200,000. She turned it down and has filed suit.

"Passenger," as defined by the policy, is "any person, other than the pilot, who is in the aircraft or getting in or out of it."  So once she put here feet on the tarmac, was she no longer a "passenger"? That's a tough one, pal. If she was still a passenger, at what point did that status end?

(I'm assuming - a big assumption - these are liability policies covering the pilot for his negligence.  Before she blows off $200K, she might want to consider if she bears any responsibility for walking into a moving propeller.)