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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Dirk Nowitzki is engaged according to that hot bed of news station KSCS. Hey, I wonder if his crazy ex-girlfriend is still locked up?
  • Those trying to overturn Texas tort reform finally took a shot in federal court in East Texas. They lost this week. (The link is primarily for my plaintiff lawyers friends since its a press release from the insurance industry that will drive them crazy.)
  • Motorcycle death last night in Dallas. That's two in two days. 
  • Having a refrigerator repair guy in the house is weird because someone gets to go through your refrigerator. 
  • Craig James' new ad defending his Helicopter Parent actions while his kid was at Texas Tech proves he has the ability to suspend reality.
  • There have been two Major League regular season baseball games already played. Now those teams go back to playing pre-season ball. Weird.
  • There was a wreck in front of McDonald's in Decatur this morning. 
  • Mrs. LL asked me what I would do if I won the Mega Millions jackpot. My answer: "Disappear."
  • My odds of disappearing because of winning, by the way, are 1 in 176,000,000. Well, those are the odds if I actually bought a ticket (and if you can't "quick pick" it, I wouldn't go to the trouble.)
  • Cool picture: A group of Confederate veterans standing on the Wise County Courthouse steps in 1906.
  • Another angle of pregnant Jessica Simpson.
  • I don't think I've ever asked for an apology from anyone. 
  • The Obamacare analogy of the government already forcing us to buy auto insurance makes sense to me. You can say "but you don't have to drive", but that is simply not true in Texas. We have to drive.
  • There was a grand prix race track that was built in northeast Wise County a few years back. At least I think it was built. Has there ever been a grand prix race there?
  • Man, that police video of an apparently uninjured George Zimmerman isn't going to help the Trayvon Martin controversy.