Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • Breaking this morning: The unemployment rate fell to 8.3%.  President Obama's only problem now is that November can't get here soon enough. 
  • (1) Why would anyone care that Donald Trump endorsed Mitt Romney? (2) Why in the world did Romney show up by his side to accept the endorsement yesterday? They just handed the Democrats a photo-op with the caption: "They both are rich and they both like firing people."
  • The news broke last night that Josh Hamilton had a "relapse" because he drank at Sherlock's in Dallas. It wouldn't surprise me if the Rangers heard there were pictures about to be released so they leaked the story to get in front of it. Last time Deadspin knocked them senseless with the photos of Josh going full throttle during spring training. 
  • And what in the world is he doing in a bar much less drinking in a bar? You'd think that he'd grab a bottle of liquor and check into a hotel.
  • I wonder if abstinence is the best way to handle his problem.
  • I've gone basically 100% Healthy Choice dinners and salad for the last three weeks. And I haven't stepped on the scale -- I'm going by the feel of clothes. 
  • Something that I care absolutely nothing about: Who anyone's Super Bowl pick is.
  • Have you seen the story of the group of high school girls who have all suddenly exhibiting symptoms of those with Tourette's syndrome? I can't tell you enough how much I think they are faking it. 
  • Someone asked yesterday if I was on the "court appointed lawyer gravy train." No, I'm not. And if it's a gravy train, I was never able to find the station. 
  • It's not fun paying for a vacation months in advance. It is fun taking a vacation realizing you've already paid for it. 
  • Heck, even I'm surprised that the Susan G. Komen Foundation is taking such heat for no longer funding Planned Parenthood. 
  • One time high school football power Stephenville dropped to 3A yesterday.
  • A neighbor girl ate dinner with us last night while dressed in a ballerina outfit. I think that's a first for me. Unless Mrs. LL did it once that I don't remember.