Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Iowa woman gives birth to a 13 pounder. Fox 4's Lauren Pryzbyl this morning commented with an "ouch" which led co-host Tim Ryan to stare silently off to the side. 
  • The Boyd ISD held a meeting to get citizen input on what the wanted in a new head football coach. Most said they wanted a "godly" man. That sounds nice, but it also would be illegal discrimination based upon religion, wouldn't it?
  • I somehow got sucked into watching the "Winter X Games" on ESPN last night. Watching a guy attempt a double back flip on a snowmobile is 100% Idiocracy. And, if interested, it did not go well.
  • I got an AARP card in the mail. An authentic AARP card. I qualify. I depressed.
  • A guy in Dallas killed three family members last Friday and almost every media report noted that he was captured after going through Taco Bueno and ordering a "breakfast sausage burritto "
  • The "military's deadliest sniper" was on WBAP today hawking his book. I don't why that guy bugs me so much, but he really does.
  • I'm tired of hearing about Betty White. 
  • Horrible accident near Texas Tech over the weekend when a vehicle driven by a twenty-something jumped a curb, killed a bicyclist, and then rolled the vehicle killing his two passengers. Yep, alcohol is suspected.
  • The Colts would have to pay Peyton Manning $28 million to keep him on the roster next year? That's a no brainer. Cut him. 
  • The grandmother from Happy Gilmore and the old man neighbor from Home Alone died last year. For some reason, people were mentioning it this weekend.  By the way, I think Home Alone is a horrible movie. Edit: Now news comes that Elaine's boss on Seinfeld, Mr. Pitt, has died. It character actor catastrophe. 
  • I can tell when some people are having an emotional break down by just following them on Twitter. 
  • People are calling Wise County residents (per the Update) and posing as DEA agents and wanting a fine paid because they know they had purchased drugs over the Internet. Which means that there are a lot of people purchasing drugs over the Internet if that scam works. 
  • The Machine Gun Kelley shotgun auctioned over the weekend (another Update reference) has a weird history. It first ended up in the hands of Las Vegas mogul Benny Binion who for unknown reasons gave it to the owner of Billy Bob's Texas who for unknown reasons gave it to a "prominent Las Vegas business man." 
  • Edit: I had this whole thing typed out and "bam" it got deleted 10 minutes before deadline. The above was a mad scramble.