Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • There was a meteor over North Texas last night and one of the strangest pictures of it was sent into WFAA by Tully Hannah of Bridgeport.
  • The best photo of it (if real) is here. (Facebook.)
  • American Airlines is shedding jobs while BNSF Railroad will spend almost $4 billion on capital improvements in 2012 alone. This is 2012, isn't it?
  • Had a report that a Boyd student held up a "Got Meth?" sign at the Boyd/Paradise basketball game on Tuesday night. He was allegedly kicked out. 
  • Rick Perry's buddy and fired Aggie gets a "newly created" position at DPS for a salary of $147,500.  Who do I report this crime to?
  • "Phil? Hey, Phil? Phil! Phil Connors? Phil Connors, I thought that was you!"
  • Rich guy adopts 42 year old hot girlfriend as his daughter so she can get 1/3 of the money from a trust fund set up for his children because he's being sued for killing a guy while driving drunk and the lawsuit can't touch the trust fund. Got that? 
  • From the Update this morning regarding Northwest High students signing scholarships yesterday: "Allen Young will head to Truman State to play football. Christian Davila inked with Friends University and Dominic Stewart with Southern Nazarene University for football." I don't think I've heard of any of those schools. 
  • I heard Madonna's Borderline this morning. Nothing wrong with that.
  • $10,000 bets. He likes firing people. He's not concerned about the very poor.  When Mitt Romney spends all of his time saying his words were "taken out of context," he might want to spend some time thinking before speaking. 
  • On Twitter this morning: "Over 100 die in Papua New Guinea on a sunken ferry last night and there is barely a news blip. Sixteen died on the Concordia cruise ship and we can't look away."
  • I think I saw the Decatur guy who was involved in the fatality accident in Rhome running on the shoulder after the wreck yesterday. I feel sorry for him.  People pull out in front of traffic on 287 all the time.