Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • In reporting a horrible story of a dog attack of a toddler, Fox 4 had some TV gold last night of family members going after the reporter and neighbors. It truly is a must see. (And a shout out to Lari Barager for ducking . . . twice.)
  • I haven't been there in a while but 8.0 in downtown Fort Worth is shutting down and The Flying Saucer is moving into that location after Mayfest. Would-be hipsters are in mourning.
  • A Jenny Craig needing cheerleader bails on a backflip.There's no way that girl could execute that. 
  • Watched a lawyer in a hearing yesterday start off by asking the judge what the State had to prove.  How is that possible? 
  • If anyone remembers the singer JoJo ("Leave. Get out."), well, she's all growns up.
  • Had a buddy tell me yesterday that I need to re-evaluate my "n word policy" in that I've proven my point regarding the existence of racism. He may be right.
  • I don't think I've ever seen the Republican party go from 100% sure they would capture the White House to 100% doubt in a little over a three month period. It truly is incredible.  And Mitt Romney, if the nominee, will get crushed for one reason: The Christian Right is not going to turn out in enthusiastic masses to vote for a Mormon. I think they'll stay home and protest the choices they were given instead. 
  • Whenever I see someone weave in and out of traffic, I'm convinced they have a low IQ. And that makes me fear their driving even more. 
  • I've been put on notice that the Michael Jackson themed Glee will be the Family TV tonight. I'm livin' large. 
  • "Why couldn't we have this weather last year?" - Dallas Super Bowl Committee
  • I woke up to everyone talking about this dunk by Blake Griffin last night.
  • I think I've detected a rivalry between two Wise County girls who try to "out hot" each other by posting pics of themselves on Twitter.  One criticizes the other's body while the other questions the morals of her competitor. It's better than TV.
  • Ron Washington got a two year extension as manager of the Texas Rangers. Of the team's 19 playoff wins in its history, 18 of them have come under Washington. 
  • I've never watched Flip This House but there's a radio commercial now playing where the host is looking for "20 people to train" in a free seminar on how to make money, well, flipping houses. Scam. Scam. Scam.