Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

  • Whatever happened to Ted Turner?
  • I'm sure he will, but ESPN Chris Mortensen has twice reported that Baylor's Robert Griffin III will enter the NFL draft only to have Griffin say he has not made a decision. (Mortensen must really want to be first with the news.)
  • That dump the Osama Bin Landin lived and died in was "built last year" per Fox 4 this morning as they reported Pakistan is going to tear it down to prevent it from becoming a shrine.  They really are different in the Middle East. Over here we would give it a corporate sponsorship, sell tickets, and turn it into a War On Terror Graceland. 
  • There were two guys sitting amongst the Mavericks on the bench last night just kicking back and drinking beer. Really.
  • I forgot my belt. I don't remember every forgetting to put a belt on before.
  • Pic of A-Rod's new girlfriend. I think her stomach looks like mine. 
  • Oklahoma voters, in a matter that had to be an absolute emergency, approved a state constitutional amendment in 2010 barring Oklahoma state courts from "using Sharia Law" meaning  "Sharia Law is Islamic Law ... the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed." A federal court struck it down yesterday. I don't know if the court relied upon the Free Speech clause, the Separation of Powers clause, or the You People Should Have Other Things To Worry About clause.
  • The rest of the GOP field has turned into a spread-the-wealth choir as they attack Mitt Romney's business record. Rick Perry called him a "vulture capitalist." Up is down. Down is up. 
  • James Carville called Perry the worst presidential campaigner in the history of the United States. That may be true. He started on top, had a war chest of money, and the circumstances couldn't be more perfect for everything to fall into place for him. Instead he drove his campaign right into the wall on turn one. 
  • That 18 year old gal from Oklahoma who shot and killed one of the two very alleged burglars is now facing the spotlight concerning allegations she knew the guy she shot and that he might even be the father of her new baby (instead of the 58 year old guy she had been married to for about a month before he died of lung cancer.*)   [*Insert Ticket drop of "Off.']
  • But one thing that caught my eye about that story: The other "burglar" has been charged with murder in connection with his accomplice's death. Say what? Now that's creative prosecution. 
  • I did an impromptu "Flying Super Dog" routine with The Family Pup last night ("I'm Super Dog here to fight Cat Violence wherever it happens in this house!!") only to find out I was secretly videotaped. There should be some kind of immunity. 
  • The Dallas Cowboys fire secondary coach Dave Campo. Why? It's his fault that secondary doesn't have the athletic ability to cover even me?
  • College football: For those who thought Oklahoma State should have been in the title game instead of Alabama: What if Oregon had not lost to USC giving them one loss for the season (27-40 to LSU in the first game of the year.)  In that scenario, which one loss team should have played LSU in the championship game: Alabama, Oklahoma State or Oregon. Doesn't Oklahoma State seem to be the clear third choice?
  • One thing I want to know about the tour bus accident in Rhome yesterday simply out of curiosity: The bus was going from where to where? 
  • A Fort Worth whistleblower suit was settled yesterday for $145,000. I wonder why it was filed in Wise County? (But I know the lawyer is a Blog fan so I bet we'll find out.)
  • The Update generates revenue for the Messenger of around $150,000 a year