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Sports: Good Old Days Syndrome

This is the 30th Anniversary of "The Catch" where the 49ers beat the Cowboys to advance to the Super Bowl.

I was always proud of myself for knowing that Dallas almost won that game despite that play.  Danny White, on the next drive, hit Drew Pearson across the middle who almost got away.  Conventional wisdom is that Pearson would have scored if Eric Wright had not got a hand on his collar.

That play can be viewed here. When I went back and looked at it I didn't recall  #22 being downfield.  Yeah, he might have been blocked if Pearson had broken away, but it is no foregone conclusion that Pearson would have scored. History keeps changing on me!

But, man, it was fun to care back then.


Anonymous said...

Ya know,each day we all slowly ride off into history.

Anonymous said...

Even if he had not scored a TD, the Boys would have been close to if not in field goal range. They were only down 1 so a FG would have won it for them.

I've always liked and felt sorry for Danny White. 3 straight NFC championship games, 3 straight losses. Kinda like Jim Kelly once removed.

CT said...

yea, those were the good ol' days to be a Coboys fan. Now, notsomuch.

Anonymous said...

In todays NFL that would have been a horse collar tackle and 15 yards tacked on to the end. The Cowboy would have been very close to fg range without having to pass.

Sean Elliott's Dirty Dead Kidney said...

Barry, you need a new telestrator... or at least a mouse pad or track pad with more grip. How about Wacom Bamboo if you're feeling flush? That thing you're working with makes your mark-ups look like you're a stroke patient going through occupational therapy.

Remember, the Forty-niners started 3 rookies and a 3rd year guy in the secondary while Joe Montana was just establishing himself as a big-time NFL QB. There is no way the Niners should have won that game but as a charter member of the Cowboy haters faction, I'm sure glad they did.

These days I pity Cowboys' fans because GM Jerry pays lip service to winning but we know he's got debt to service each month and an ginormous ego to feed. Nobody better get between Jerry and the credit or the money. Maybe, for Cowboys fans' sake, they will get lucky with Jerry's untimely demise in short order so Stephen and Charlotte can square the operation up. A Cowboy fan can only hope.

Ray Schichtel said...

Tony Hill might have provided interference or a block for 'Clutch', too..