I Was About To Call This County Out!!!

Does This Look Like A Puppy Who Is On Death Row?

The Wise County Animal Shelter has a genius idea of having a Facebook page where they post pics of pups and cats that are about to meet their Maker. Mostly it's a bunch of mutts and they all can't be saved, but the postings tug on enough heart strings that probably quite a few get new homes. 

Anyway, a picture of this little fellow (a mix between a Yorkie and a Dachsund) was posted over the weekend. What the the heck? If I had seen it I would have dropped the Family Cat off for an (un)even trade in a New York minute. Cuteness must be saved!! If someone else  in this county hadn't of stepped up, we might as well have shut the whole place down. We'd be nothing but a bunch of Barbarians. 

Never fear. The pup was adopted and saved. Faith in humanity restored.