Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • Krishonda "Shonda" Leann Townsend, 19, went missing a couple of summers ago in Palo Pinto County after spending the day at Lake Bridgeport.  With little news coverage, she was buried over the weekend after her bones were found back in October. 
  • Rick Perry said in the debate of Friday night that he would send troops back into Iraq. Does he understand that he's supposed to try to get votes?
  • The "Deadlist Sniper" seems to want to make some money promoting his killing expertise in the Middle East. He proclaims that he has killed 255 as a Navy Seal. (All terrorists, I'm sure.) And if you've ever known a war vet who has seen ugly, ugly things, you know one thing: They do not want to talk about it. 
  • Tim Tebow, in his amazing win yesterday, passed for 316 yards. Uh, John 3:16?
  • Tebow and the rookie QB for the Texans, T.J. Yates, now have as many playoff wins as Tony Romo.
  • Have the folks over at Fox 4 always pronounced reporter Saul Garza's name as "SAWuul"? I heard that this morning.  
  • Horrible accident in Boyd this weekend that killed a young man, but are dead cows normally hauled off into the woods?
  • More craziness in the Porsche-in-a-Canal case.  All three had been to a strip club together before the crash. 
  • Was there one long thunder last night? 
  • Spent a much delayed Christmas afternoon (a sequel) at my parents on Sunday. I never knew watching girls open up gifts of clothing could be so intense. 
  • Despite the receipt, her name was not "Lady Chinky Eyes."
  • You would think Bourbon Street after the LSU/Alabama game tonight would be down right dangerous.
  • Water related: (1) Ryan Seacrest's girl can dive, (2) If you ever thought about bungee jumping, you won't do it after this, (3) Lake Bridgeport is 12 feet low but has basically remained constant since October. 
  • There's a commercial running on the radio about some cyber "dog" who will go and fetch the best deals on the Internet for products. Wasn't there a search engine years ago that used the same type of advertising campaign?
  • Edit: Then bungee jumping gal is a "Hey, now!"