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Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Old Pic Of One My Office Parties?

  • Why is Michael Bublé on my TV every time I turn it on? (Observation: That man needs to rachet down the Fake Sincerity.)
  • Donald Trump is also everywhere lately -- at least on every show Fox News has. GOP Candidate Jon Huntsman said last night on Hannity that Trump inserting himself into the political dialogue "dumbs down" the process.  Spot on, brother.
  • Do all third graders want to talk all the time? Or just the one residing in my house? 
  • Aledo's Johnathan Gray, who has committed to UT, may be the greatest high school running back in history.  But what he did in last week's game (throat slashing gesture and high stepping) which led to his ejection, leads me to believe he'll be another Longhorn troublemaker. His post game comments complaining about the officials don't help his cause.   Edit: Better link with video.
  • It's Pearl Harbor Day. Actually the 70th Anniversary which you think would have been acknowledged a little bit more.
  • But the Star-Telegram has a story on the 70th Anniversary featuring a soldier who was at Pearl Harbor. He was also interviewed on WBAP today and he echoed what was said in the story: (1) He isn't going to do anything special today because he doesn't want to remember the attack, (2) there's not a single Pearl Harbor survivor that he keeps up with, and (3) he didn't do anything heroic that day -- it was all chaos. Refreshing. 
  • WBAP's Mark Davis proposed an "18 For Everything" legal age.  Drinking.  Military Service. Voting.  Driving. Adult Criminal Responsibility.   I think I agree. 
  • When I find a string of those tiny indoor Christmas lights that aren't working, I've got a "10 minute trouble shooting limit". After that,  I chunk the whole thing and buy a replacement. You can find them for under $4.
  • Then I saw where Mrs. LL had dug them out of the trash the following day. 
  • C.J. Wilson is a tool, and it kills me that he's about to have a big pay day. Yesterday he was on 105.3 The Fan telling a long story about how he called 911 after a bicyclist was seriously injured outside his house a few weeks ago. (Someone knocked on his door and told him to call 911.) He was acting like he had saved the man's life by performing open heart surgery on the spot. 
  • Everyone always says that Baylor became part of the Big 12 "because Ann Richards was governor."  I've never really seen any proof of that and I wouldn't rule out it being  an urban legend that has taken on a life of its own. 
  • Very random thought: If you had to bet, would you think Doris Day is dead or alive?
  • For all of those crazy public official prosecutions in Collin County, they sure have been successful so far. Yesterday, the District Clerk and a couple of her employees received convictions from a jury. A district judge in the county was convicted of bribery about three weeks ago.