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Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

  • Motorcycle death in Tarrant County. 
  • SMU has a mess on their hands. Head Coach June Jones was seconds away from leaving the school before Arizona State pulled its job offer. Next team meeting theme: Awkwardness.
  • A couple of stations last night had a news feature on the dispute over a nativity scene on the lawn of the courthouse in Henderson County. A county official interviewed seemed absolutely oblivious to the fact it is patently illegal.
  • And one county commissioner said he would fight to keep the nativity scene up until "hell freezes over." Another resident proclaimed, "So now they're trying to take the Baby Jesus?" Source. If Fox News doesn't go with 24/7 coverage with Sean Hannity broadcasting live from the courthouse lawn, I'll be very disappointed. 
  • My overhauled front flower beds included a ton of flowers this summer. They lasted, beautifully I might ad, until December 6, 2011.
  • Gov. Perry's new ad: "You don't need to be in the pew every Sunday to know there is something wrong in this country when gays can serve openly in the military but our kids can't openly celebrate Christmas." They took Christmas away from kids? When? Did the gays do it?
  • I was putting up another string of lights last night (in the cold) and managed to blow the fuse out even before the were up. That gave me Slumped Shoulders.
  • Update on the Wise County identity theft case I posted below: Cops have identified the culprit. They also asked me to take the fake DL down in the meantime. I agreed because I support the police.
  • What a goofy state trooper I saw this morning. He was going down the highway in a 65 mph zone and weaved over and hit the rumble strip three times.  A truck then passed him going no more than 67 so, of course, the trooper pulls him over. 
  • Edit: Loved the guy in the comments who didn't catch the humor when the two above bullet points are read back to back. 
  • On the Ticket yesterday, they had an adult film actress on (I have no idea why) who revealed that she was in 80 films in her first year in the business. Craig Miller then asked her: "Are you very picky when if comes to choosing the right script?" She didn't get the joke. 
  • It's amazing how many websites refer to the "Bridgepoint Education Holiday Bowl" as the "Bridgeport Education Holiday Bowl."  The Wall Street Journal made the mistake this morning. 
  • Alec Baldwin, who got thrown off an American Airlines plane because he wouldn't turn his phone off, says flying is now a "Greyhound bus experience." He's right about that. 
  • From the email bag: "You should check out the Southern Arkansas University theft of 5 horses and one being painted in camo and one being brutally killed. They finally made arrests and one was an 18 year old SAU rodeo team member Jaci Jackson her FB comments over off the chart!!" I had seen the story, but couldn't find the Facebook page unless this is it.
  • The site that has correctly projected the Heisman winner nine out of the last nine years, unveils its final prediction today at 10:00 a.m. Currently it has Baylor's Robert Griffin in the lead with an 80.7% chance of winning.  Never in my life would I have believed. Edit and Update: They officially predict RG3 to win. 
  • Not only is Collin County indicting public officials, it's also happening down Waco way: