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Random Monday Morning Thoughts

  • I think I'm going to the Alamo Bowl (Baylor v. Washington.). I've never seen a game in that place.
  • Jason Garrett is catching heat for calling time out before the potential game winning kick. But if you look at the replay, kicker Dan Bailey clearly knew time had been called but casually kicked it anyway. That's a little different than "making it the first time." Edit: For those who are aware of the "DeMarco Murray can't run unless he has his fullback in there," this will make you laugh.
  • We finally put up (more) of the Christmas tree last night. It's artificial with built in lights, and I swear it's like re-inventing the wheel every time we put it up. I tried to diagnosis it but Mrs. LL told me, "Get away. You're messing up my scene." 
  • Saul Garza of Fox 4 reported live from Decatur this morning due to our first blizzard of the year.
  • A hot 23 year old took a private plane over the metroplex only to walk into the propeller once the plane landed. She survived but, as expected, as some pretty bad injuries. (Story with picture.)
  • I've preached for years that changing demographics could cripple the Republican Party. Yesterday John McCain told CNN that Arizona is potentially up for grabs in the next presidential election due to the rise in the Hispanic population. (Thanks, Keith.)
  • That Twilight movie is up to $247 million. How much do those lead actors get paid?
  • I think I've mispronounced "poinsettia" all my life. 
  • I had It's A Wonderful Life on at the house on Saturday night, but it was met with a resounding "meh" by everyone else.  Upon reflection, that movie is too long. (And what's up with that guy that just pushes Mr. Potter around everywhere?)
  • Watch a few people go really nuts in the crowd when Tiger Woods won a tournament over the weekend. How can you possibly get that excited? 
  • There's a tremendous chance that Baylor's Robert Griffin will win the Heisman Trophy, and I can't believe I'm typing this  I remember talking to my nephew about him before he had ever played a down (he graduated from high school early and ran track at Baylor finishing third in the nation the 400 meter hurdles.) I always thought he'd be a fantastic runner and an average passer.
  • A former Miss USA got a DWI over the weekend. I'm coming for you, baby!
  • There sure are whole lot of "Oh, yeah, what about [insert opposite political party]" in the comments. I think that's a lazy argument. 
  • The postal service is eliminating next day delivery for first class mail. I think that means that the Wednesday Messenger (which, until recently, used to be labeled "Thursday") will now be mailed on Tuesday and delivered on Thursday.