Half Marathon Thoughts

Not me but this is what it feels like
  • If you have never run in 40 degree temperature in a downpour, you've missed nothing. That was insane.
  • You think everything is fine until you're forced to run through two inches of water. You have wet socks "and miles to go before you sleep."
  • This is the first year I wore extra old T-shirts and just dumped them along the way.
  • As much as I was impressed by all the runners, I was more impressed by all the volunteers (water stations, course directors, etcs.) In that weather? Way to honor a commitment. 
  • My time: 2:05:53.  Last year it was 2:05:46.  That's pretty amazing. I was one-half of a second slower per mile. 
  • The winner finished in 1:06:53. Such a show off. 
  • My nemesis Barron Green didn't enter the race! Do I remember someone commenting that he had moved away?
  • Funny sign: "Worst. Parade. Ever!"
  • Funny multiple signs held by five people: "Knock knock" -- "Who's there?" -- "Yukon" -- "Yukon who?" -- "Yukon do it!!" 
  • The run takes us right by the largest homes in Highland Park.  As I was looking at one of them, a gal beside me asked, "Is that yours?"  She was doing shtick. 
  • The race ironically starts in Fair Park which ain't no Highland Park. 
  • The first eight miles are fun and redeeming. The last five make me question why I'm doing it.
  • I'm stunned by the lack of respect for the National Anthem.  In a crowd that is predominately white, committed to goals, has disposable income of at least $80 to enter the race,  I'd say 20% refused to stop walking when the Star-Spangled Banner fired up before the race.
  • A sign which was a reference to The Office: "Hurry Up And Finish! (That's what she said!)"
  • Yuck: The race offered free pancakes in a Pavilion after the finish. Some people just sat down on the cement floor and ate while nasty runners walked within a foot of them. 
  • Half Marathoners from Decatur: Monica Brown, 2:31:54; Lilly Claborn, 2:10:58; Greg Harrison, 2:10:08; Katie Loveall, 2:35:05; John Smyers, 2:23:13 Michael Smyers, 1:35:55 (wow); Theresa Tucker, 3:55:39