Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

  • I stopped down by some country music awards show last night. I don't know who Kristin Chenoweth is, but she looks like she's on meth and she can't sing. Other than that, not bad. 
  • I think this is the winning pole dance at some pole dancing convention. That truly could by an Olympic sport if it were performed that way. I'm serious. 
  • The likely Aggie schedule for next year: Home vs. Florida, Alabama, LSU and Arkansas; On the Road at Ole Miss, Miss. St, Auburn, and Missouri. Oh, my. 
  • I stopped wearing a watch about five years ago. 
  • On Fox 4 News last night, the mother of the walk-into-the-propeller victim gave an interview and said, "She was hit by a propeller but she will be propelled to do God's work . . . . " I had to hit replay to make sure I heard that correctly. 
  • That lady and her husband have a website on marriage counseling. They promote themselves with the description of, "Ten disappointing years of marriage. Seven painful years of divorce." Thanks, but if it took you 17 years to figure it out, I think I'd look elsewhere. 
  • A capital murder trial has started in Denton in connection with the death of a child in Bowie. The mother is also awaiting trial and resides in Bridgeport.  
  • The War on Drugs now requires bullets to fly on an Amtrak train in downtown Dallas? The "suspect" was killed, and I'm very interested to know his background. 
  • I heard yesterday that the postal systems decision to eliminate first class next day delivery will have even a more dramatic impact on the delivery of newspapers and magazines than I thought. Delivery time now may take "several days". 
  • Baylor's Robert Griffin (and four others) have been invited to New York for Saturday's Heisman Award Presentation.  This site has predicted the winner for the last nine out of nine years by tracking voters who publicly announce their choices. With a little under 20% of the votes known, but RG3 has a pretty big lead. 
  • I'm going to kill The Family Cat. She thinks that Christmas Tree is her personal playground. 
  • The NFL is printing money: It is close to inking a deal with Fox, CBS, and NBC which will bring in $3.2 billion a year through 2012. That's a  60% increase from the current deal and, think about it,  doesn't include money from (1) the rights ESPN has to pay, (2) advertising income from its own NFL Network, or (3) the NFL Sunday Ticket fee paid by DirecTV which is currently $700 million a year.
  • Biggest waste of paper: Phone Books. 
  • A high profile case involving a Bridgeport lady who was convicted of Solicitation of Murder in Tarrant County seems to be officially over since prison records show she is no longer incarcerated.
  • At the bottom of the Waco paper, there's a story about a "And Another" found not guilty.