Random Friday Morning Thoughts

  • One of both of the structures formally known as Jeterville on the Wise County/Tarrant County line was totally engulfed by flames this morning. Reports are that there were enough firetrucks to put out The Towering Inferno.
  • You just thought it was fog out there this morning.
  • "It's that horrifying moment . . . ."
  • Standing across the street and looking at your Christmas lights may be the best moment of putting up Christmas lights. 
  • Whether is be in my personal or business life, I've bet I've uttered the phrase, "Would you please bring me [something]" less than ten times. My legs aren't broken. 
  • An 18 year old kid in McKinney who molested "several young boys" and suffers from a degenerative brain disease according to the prosecutor is sentenced to a real 35 years in prison. This is the most civilized way to deal with him? From drugs to mental disorders, our lazy knee jerk reaction to just lock people up will be horrifying to future generations.
  • I'm skeptical of people who always post on Facebook or Twitter about how great their life is or how wonderful their friends are.  
  • Texas has approved a licence plate with three crosses on a hill with the phrase "One State Under God" on it.  And that doesn't endorse Christianity?
  • Online harassment/impersonation leads to a criminal prosecution in Collin County. We are just now seeing prosecutions under Section 33.07 of the Texas Penal Code which went into effect in 2009.
  • ESPN's Erin Andrews files a $10 million lawsuit in connection with the hotel peephole incident from a couple of years ago. Sheesh. It's the best thing that ever happened to her. She's become a full fledged celebrity ever since.
  • I'm insane now. "Charlie Manson 'Everyday I'm Shufflin'" video. The Internet was made for things like that.
  • That Rick Perry anti-gay ad might get him some votes in Iowa but it would absolutely kill him in the general election. Who advises that guy? And he needs some serious advising. 
  • It's the full length movie, but Pulp Fiction has been recut and put in chronological order on youtube. (Credti: BagofNothing.com for the find.)
  • The Family Pup has decided she wants to jump on me and act like she is on crack in the middle of the night. Her days are so filled with eating and sleeping, how can she possibly not be tired all night?
  • Hope Dallas Maverick fans liked that Championship Trophy. After yesterday's free agency news, it'll be a long, long time before they see another one. They've decided to waste this year (and one of Dirk's few productive ones left) to hit it big in free agency next year. I have no confidence in Mark Cuban being able to rebuild that team from scratch. 
  • Sports birthday that should be a "What Ever Happened To?" segment: Todd Van Poppel.
  • The Update is late today. Somebody oversleep at the Messenger? Edit: It's up now, but since when did it turn into The High School Basketball Update?